Electrical Heating Products

We provide a wide range of electric heating products that work in areas such as liquid heating, air heating, defrosting, infrared radiation, material heating etc.

Our main products are electrical heaters & pipe elements, flow heaters, control equipment and electrical resistance elements. You can get more information about this under electric heating products and custom products. [/ Vc_column_text]

In addition to this we manufacture and supply products such as:

  • Electrical heating pipes

    Inject- and drip tray elements.

  • Immersion heaters

  • Steatite elements

  • Reflector elements

  • Barrel heaters

  • Injected heating elements

  • PTC elements

  • IR-elements / infra heat elements

  • Heat cables

  • Ring- and band elements

  • Micanite elements

  • High power elements

  • Thermostats

  • Temperature limiters / overheating protection

  • Regulators and sensors

  • Coupling boxes

On the usage areas page, you can find products sorted by area of use with detailed information on function, benefits and effect.

Where standard products do not work or are insufficient, we always find a suitable special solution. On the custom products page, you can find information about our specialized solutions.

Flow heaters

Flow-through devices are used primarily for heating water or oil and are mainly manufactured in special design according to the customer’s own specification. See picture below:

Some flow-through heaters can also be built with standard components depending on the need. A complete standard heater consists of pipes, electrical heater and connection box with temperature control.

Usage areas:
Oil: For heating of heating oils, hot oils, etc. which are also specially designed as steam heaters or compressed air and gas heaters.

For heating fresh water, swimming pools and restaurant equipment, etc.

Replacement parts

We provide spare parts for all products and systems provided by us, but also for most other heating systems and heating products on the market; also water heaters and boilers.

For older products where no spare parts are available, we can manufacture replacements.

This also applies to the rebuilding of systems where special manufacture of components is needed!

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Control equipment

We market control equipment for electric heating systems such as thermostats, overheating protection and coupling boxes., regulators and thermocouples as well as thyristors.

  • Temperature control / control equipment

The following products are used according to need and environment:

  • Thermostats
  • Temperature limiters
  • Regulators and sensors
  • Coupling boxes

Electrical cartridges & tube elements

Here is a list of our electric heaters and pipe elements that are available in a variety of heating systems and applications in the market.

Electric heating cartridges
The electric cartridges are manufactured for voltages up to 660V with custom built-in dimensions and surface effects. Threaded electric cartridges with head of brass alt. stainless steel. From 1.1 / 4 “to 2.1 / 2”. Flanged electric cartridges with standard flange of brass PN6, DN50, alt. flange according to customer specification.

Usage areas:
We have heat cartridges that fit most of the boilers, water heaters, accumulation tanks and applications on the market

Immersion heaters
Electric heating cartridges for angle mounting used for temporary heating in chemical baths, etc. The long inactive part closest to the connection is made with sheath tubes of acid-resistant steel, titanium, quartz glass and porcelain. These are also available as angled with the active part bent in relation to the inactive part, for example to be able to utilize the horizontal surface when heating vessels with extra low liquid level.

Usage areas:
Containers with low liquid-level.

Steatite elements
The element is made of cylindrical ceramic bodies in which the heating coils are connected. The elements are mounted in tubes which are welded, threaded alt. mounted with flange joints in the container to be heated.

Usage areas:
Used in vessels, tanks or similar facilities where you want to change elements without emptying the plant.

Reflector elements
Elements with stainless steel tube in the middle (reflector) on which one or more stainless steel heating pipes are mounted. The reflector element is mounted equally to the steatite element in bottom tubes and with approximately the same use area. However, the reflector element is less sensitive to mechanical influences.

Usage areas:
Used in vessels, tanks or similar facilities where you want to change elements without emptying the plant..

The technology behind

The technical principle applied in the construction of heating pipes is based on placing a spiral of resistance wire in the center of a pipe, a so-called jacketed pipe. The jacketed pipes are available in copper, stainless acid-proof steel and Incoloy 800.

The space between the wire and the tube is then filled with magnesium oxide, which acts as insulation and which has good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties.

The element tube with the magnesium oxide is compressed and sealed.

The unique ability of the magnesium oxide to conduct heat and insulate electricity is the basic principle of the tube element technology.

The heating pipes are manufactured in sizes Ø 6,4 – 8,5 – 12 – 14 mm.
Flat oval pipes are manufactured in 16,5×6,5 and 13×5,5 mm.

Heat pipe applications:
Fluid heating • Air heating • Defrosting • Infrared heat • Barbecue elements etc..